Expatriate Payroll services from Aspia

Aspia ensures regulatory compliance in relation to collective bargaining agreements, vacation-, labor- and tax-law, handling all reporting to authorities and taking care of the practical aspects, such as payment of salaries and sending out salary specifications. Our consultants assist with applications, such as SINK tax, Expert tax and tax adjustments, to ensure correct tax withholding. All compensation items such as bonuses, housing, car, fuel, allowances and benefits etc. are assessed and handled correctly. 

Furthermore, the rules concerning the withholding of tax, the payment of social security fees and the reporting differ depending on the company form. Aspia ensures accurate reporting in all situations. In the case of cross-border work we assess whether the work is to be regarded as a business trip, a posting or a local employment. At the individual level we assess the employee's tax status, resident or non-resident.

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Get tailored Expats Payroll solutions

We assist with everything you need concerning Expatriate Payroll. From advisory to net to gross calculations, calculations of preliminary tax and social security fees and reporting to the Swedish Tax Agency. If you want help organizing the processes for handling your Expatriates, we will happily assist you with that as well.

For you who prefer to have payroll managed in one place, we offer a complete solution, both for you local and foreign employees. You avoid having serveral suppliers and can rely on all payroll administration being handled by our expert staff, who are familiar with your business.

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Ensure correct salary for your expatriate employees in Sweden

Companies and individuals working in an international environment face challenges in calculating and reporting salary, tax and social fees in Sweden. Are employees liable for tax in Sweden? Which country's social security should the employees be covered by? Are the employees eligible for expert tax? There are many questions and regulatory aspects to keep track of.

Focus on your core business and let us at Aspia handle your payroll. Contact us today and we will provide more information!  

Why Aspia?

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Modern and digital platform with GDPR compliant solutions. 

Access to specialists for when you require expert advice on payroll and HR-related topics. 

You decide on the scope of our cooperation, based on your entity´s needs.