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Information about our use of cookies

This information about cookies explains how Aspia AB and Skeppsbron Skatt AB (below “Aspia”, “us” or “we”) use cookies and your options to choose how they should be used. Please also see our privacy notice if you wish to know more about how we handle your personal data and your rights.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies, web beacons, pixels and other similar technologies (known as “cookies”) on our websites aspia.se, skeppsbronskatt.se, on our business platform MyBusiness, and in our email marketing tool, to enable you to use our functions, offer you a better user experience and to see which messages are opened in our email marketing tools. The use of cookies enables us to remember your preferences for a certain time period so that you do not need to adjust your preferences each time you visit us. Cookies also enable us to collect statistics so that we can improve our services, analyse the use of our websites and measure how effective our promotional campaigns are. We also use cookies to provide digital signature services for contracts with our customers.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files consisting of letters and numbers that are sent from our web server or our partner’s web server and saved on your device (e.g. your mobile) or in your web browser. Web beacons (including pixels) are small transparent graphic images that can be found in emails we send you and that generate information about your device (e.g. IP address, URL, how long a visit lasts, the browser you are using) or to see if the recipient has received certain information. “Similar technologies” are other technologies that store information on your device or in your web browser in a manner similar to cookies. You can choose whether you want cookies to be set on your device or not, see more on this below.

Which cookies do we use?

“Session cookies” are temporary cookies which expire when you close your browser or app. “Persistent cookies” stay on your device or in your browser until you delete them or until they cease to apply. Cookies can be set by us and our websites/our business platform and these are “First-party cookies”. Some cookies are set by third parties which we cooperate with, and these are “Third-party cookies”.

We have categorised the cookies we use based on the purpose of their use:

  • Necessary cookies: cookies that are required to be able to use the basic functions of our services, for example cookies used for authentication and contract signing. Cookies that help us make our services and your data safe and secure also fall into this category, for example by helping us to detect fraud and protect your data. Without these cookies our services do not work. 

  • Performance cookies: cookies that collect general analytical information on how the website visitors and users of our business platform use our services, e.g. which pages that are visited most frequently and if they receive error messages. These cookies are used to enhance your experience, improve the performance of our services and help us learn about general interaction patterns.

  • Preference cookies: these cookies allow us to save settings so that our websites and business platform remember your choices (such as user name, language or region) and provide better and more customised functions. These cookies can also be used to remember your changes to text size, fonts and other things that you can customise. 

  • Marketing cookies: we use marketing cookies or web beacons to adapt and improve your experience on our websites and in marketing emails. These cookies are used to deliver ads that are more relevant to you and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. These are usually set by advertising networks with the website operator’s approval and are used in targeted advertising in third-party channels (search engines, social media and advertising networks). Such cookies collect information about your activities and interest shown, for example if you have visited a website and this information is shared with other organisations, such as advertisers. 

  • Automated marketing and information provided by you: cookies from our websites for marketing automation allow us to be more relevant in our communication with you. Based on the information that you actively provide, for example in forms available on our websites, we use this information to improve the ability to deliver more relevant information on the websites and through advertising channels.


Table of cookies

Below is an overview of the cookies we use and their purpose. The first time you visit aspia.se, skeppsbronskatt.se or MyBusiness you will receive a message stating that we use cookies. You accept these cookies by clicking “I understand” and you can always adjust your cookie preferences, see below.

Name of cookie



Type of cookie


Area of use

.AspNetCore.Cookies First-party (MyBusiness) Used for authentication  Required Session  MyBusiness
ARRAffinity First-party Used för resource planning on the server Required Session MyBusiness, aspia.se
_cfduid First-party Used to identify trusted traffic within the network Required 1 year aspia.se
AI_buffer Third-party (Microsoft Azure) Manages server data requests Required Session aspia.se
AI_sentbuffer Third-party (Microsoft Azure) Manages server data requests Required Session aspia.se
ASP.NET_SessionId First-party Maintains the visitor’s session with page loads Required Session aspia.se
_cfduid Third-party (Verified) Providing of digital signing service Required 1 year Separate invitation for contract signing
sid Third-party (Verified) Providing of digital signing service Required Session Separate invitation for contract signing
cookieconsent_status Third-party (Verified) Used to identify that the user has approved cookies Required 1 year Separate invitation for contract signing
_ga Third-party (Google Analytics) Distinguishes one website user from another Performance 2 years MyBusiness aspia.se
_gid Third-party (Google Analytics) Distinguishes one website user from another Performance 24 hours MyBusiness aspia.se
_gat Third-party (Google Analytics) Limits the frequency of retrieving analysis data Performance 1 minute MyBusiness aspia.se
ai_session Third-party (Application Insights (Microsoft) Improves performance Performance 30 minutes MyBusiness
ai_user Third-party (Application Insights (Microsoft) Analyses how many visitors use the website over time Performance 1 year MyBusiness 
_distillery Third-party (Wisita) Remembers how long the visitor watched a video on the website Performance 1 year aspia.se
loglevel First-party Collects the visitor’s interactions with video content to adapt the content to the user Performance Persistent aspia.se
Third-party (Wisita) Collects the visitor’s interactions with video content to adapt the content to the user Performance 1 day aspia.se
EPi_NumberOfVisits First-party To analyse how many visitors that use the website Performance 1 year aspia.se
EPI-MAR-f6d36f38-8f38-4f43-8cae-6de03c70e130:sv First-party Used for A/B-tests to determine which of the website’s pages performs best Performance 15 days aspia.se
First-party (MyBusiness) Saves the visitors’ choices to store cookies Preferential Permanent MyBusiness
MyBusiness.Culture First-party (MyBusiness) Saves information about selected language Preferential Session MyBusiness
lang Third-party (Linkedin) Remembers the visitor’s language selection Preferential Session aspia.se
_at.this.# Third-party (AddThis) Saves the user’s history of page shares Statistics Persistent skeppsbronskatt.se
_hssrc Third-party (Hubspot) Collects statistics on visits and activity in order to segment target groups and content Marketing Session aspia.se
__ptq.gif Third-party (Hubspot) Collects information about the visitor's device ID and behaviour between devices and channels Marketing Session aspia.se
_fbp Third-party (Facebook) Ad optimisation Marketing 3 months aspia.se
_gcl_au Third-party (Adsense) Ad optimisation Marketing 3 months aspia.se
_hjIncludedInSample Third-party (Hotjar) Determines whether a visitor should be recorded in statistics Marketing Session aspia.se
_w_session Third-party (Wisita) Manages statistics on how visitors use video players on the website Marketing 13 days aspia.se


Third-party (Adform) Manages statistics about advertising campaigns Marketing 1 day aspia.se
ads/ga-audiences Third-party (Adwords) Used to identify target groups to monitor advertising Marketing Session aspia.se


Third-party (Linkedin) Used to monitor advertising products Marketing 2 years aspia.se


Third-party (Linkedin) Used to optimise advertising Marketing 29 days aspia.se


Third-party(Linkedin) Used to monitor our advertising on LinkedIn Marketing 2 years aspia.se
C Third-party (Adform) Determines whether the browser supports cookies Marketing 27 days aspia.se
cid Third-party (Adform) Optimises ad impressions based on activity Marketing 2 months aspia.se
fr Third-party(Facebook) Used to manage advertising, e.g. bidding Marketing 3 months aspia.se
hubspotutk Third-party (Hubspot) Used to identify visitors when they use website forms Marketing 1 year aspia.se
IDE Third-party (Doubleclick) Used to determine advertiser’s effectiveness Marketing 1 year aspia.se
lidc Third-party (Linkedin) Used to monitor advertising on LinkedIn Marketing 1 day aspia.se, skeppsbronskatt.se
test_cookie Third-party(Doubleclick) Determines whether the browser supports cookies Marketing 1 day aspia.se
tr Third-party (Facebook) Used to manage advertising, e.g. bidding Marketing Session aspia.se
uid Third-party (Adform) Creates a unique identifier for ad optimisation Marketing 2 months aspia.se
UserMatchHistory Third-party (Linkedin) Used for ad optimisation based on impressions Marketing 29 days aspia.se


Third-party (Wisita) Manages the statistics on how visitors use video players on the website Marketing Persistent aspia.se
nQ_cookieId Third-party (Albacross) Used for ad optimisation based on IP Marketing 1 year aspia.se
nQ_visitId Third-party(Albacross) Used for ad optimisation based on IP Marketing 1 year aspia.se
_atuvc Third-party (AddThis) Updates widgets over the number of page shares on social media Marketing 13 months skeppsbronskatt.se
_atuvs Third-party (AddThis) Displays widgets for the user if the page has been shared on social media Marketing 1 day skeppsbronskatt.se
Third-party (AddThis) Used to be able to share pages on social networks (widget) Marketing Persistent skeppsbronskatt.se
loc Third-party (AddThis) Saves the user’s geographical location for ad optimisation for corporate customers in our various work locations Marketing 13 months skeppsbronskatt.se
r/collect Third-party (Doubleclick) Ad optimisation by saving the user's device ID and activity to track users between devices/channels Marketing Session skeppsbronskatt.se
uvc Third-party (AddThis) Identifies how often the user sees widgets Marketing 13 months skeppsbronskatt.se
xtc Third-party (AddThis) Registers whether the user shares the page using the widget Marketing 13 months skeppsbronskatt.se


Changes to or blocking of cookies

You have the right to choose that we do not set certain cookies and you can also change your cookie preferences. If you want to change the cookie settings, please go to the support page for your browser or device. Be aware of that some of our functions will not work if you block or erase cookies, for example cookies which are necessary to provide our services. For third party cookies that we use, the third party's cookie and privacy policy applies. If you do not agree to the use of such third party cookies you can change your browser security settings to not accept third party cookies. You can also read the third party's cookie and privacy policy here:

You can obtain additional information about cookies here (e.g. how you can manage and control the use of cookies): www.allaboutcookies.org or www.youronlinechoices.eu

Updates and contact

We will update this cookie notice on an ongoing basis and therefore encourage you to read it regularly to stay up to date on how we use cookies. If you want to know more about our work with data protection, you are welcome to contact personuppgiftsombudet@aspia.se.

Last updated: 11 November 2019